US to continue partnership with Afghanistan: Pence


WASHINGTON: Vice President United States of America (USA) Mike Pence assured Afghan President Ashraf Ghani that Trump administration would continue America’s strategic partnership with the Afghanistan, read a statement issued by the White House in Washington.
In a meeting on the sidelines of an international security conference in Munich, the two leaders discussed “opportunities to strengthen bilateral relationship and advance mutual interests, particularly in the areas of counter-terrorism cooperation and economic development,” the statement added.
The White House said, “Both leaders also affirmed the continued importance of the strategic partnership between the United States and Afghanistan.
“The Vice President also expressed support for the Afghan National Unity Government”, added White House in the statement.
This was the first face-to-face meeting between a US and a South Asian leader since the Jan 20 inauguration of the new Trump administration in Washington…. Agencies


  1. American and India want to use Afghanistan ground for ,to counter Russia and Iran that that they must stop terrorism and stop funding terrorist in Afghanistan if not ?.This will put an end to Ashrap Ganhi , true Governance and his hard work to improve Afghanistan Economic Growth with Afghanistan community Development and community Stabilization program in Afghanistan ,that will add more problems with poverty at large and many problems for Ashrap Ghani program Building Infrastructure program like,to improve by focusing on each Afghan who is given life .and freedom from fear and wants , health medical services food and Education and freedom to live with dignity that is all the Afghan want a job to work hard on the base of self reliance .


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