“Why SC order was released to media before being sent to me?” Justice Isa questions


ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court Judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa on Saturday expressed concerns over releasing of the apex court’s February 11 order barring him from hearing cases related to the premier to media before being shared with him.

On February 11, the Supreme Court had ruled that Justice Isa should not hear cases related to Prime Minister Imran Khan. In a letter written to SC Registrar Khawaja Daud, Justice Isa stated that an order was passed and released to the media before being sent to him.

“This is shocking since as yet I have not received the file with order/judgment,” he said in the letter. The letter further states that it is a settled practice that after the judge heading the bench the chief justice writes the order and sends it to the next senior judge and so on. However, Justice Ijazul Ahsan apparently received the letter but he [Justice Isa] did not.

“And the world knows of it before I have seen it,” he added. Justice Isa raised five questions before the apex court registrar.

He asked as why the court order was not sent to him and why the settled practice of sending it to the next senior judge was not followed.

He further questioned how the judgment was released to the media before he read it let alone sign it in agreement or disagreement.

Justice Isa remarked why the judgement was released to the media and also asked the registrar to provide him case file so he finally read the judgment.


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