World powers could not turn blind eyes to Kashmir dispute: FO


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office spokesperson, Nafees Zakaria has stated that no criticism on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech in United Nations Organisations General Assembly can change the historical facts about Kashmir that second Pakistan’s stance.
Foreign Office spokesperson in a statement over Indian-occupation of Kashmir valley said that international bodies concerned had given their word to get Kashmiris their right to determination which is yet to be fulfilled.
The foreign powers could not turn blind eyes to the dispute between Pakistan and India over Kashmir, he said.
Free, just and unbiased referendum is the right of Kashmiris, according to the Foreign Office.
Zakaria said that the people of Kashmir have not halted their struggle for freedom even after 7 decades of victimization by Indian forces and tenures of different governments.
Talking about the recent killing of a freedom fighter, Burhan Wani, the spokesperson said that Kashmiris carried out a peaceful protest which Indian forces tried to suppress them with force and coercive methods.
Hundreds of innocent protesters lost their eyesight as a result while thousands were wounded in the occupied valley.
The Foreign Office has reiterated that Pakistan stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Kashmir in their struggle for freedom from the occupying troops.
The statement of the Foreign Office has come in a day after Nawaz Sharif, premier of Pakistan addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations Organisation and let it out in what was not the first time that India has deprived the Kashmiris of their right to determination ever since partition.
His almost entire speech revolved around the struggle of freedom put up by victimized Kashmiris for the past decades.
He reminded the international powers their promises of resolving the issue and not getting anything done on the ground.
The Prime Minister’s statement before the General Assembly over Kashmir dispute has been hailed as one the best speeches of all former premiers’ from Pakistani soil.


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