YouTube ban is not a solution: Tania Aidrus

YouTube ban is not a solution: Tania Aidrus
YouTube ban is not a solution: Tania Aidrus

Tania Aidrus, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan said banning video streaming website YouTube which is a source of income for thousands of pakistanis in the last few years is not the ultimate solution of any problem.

While expressing her views on Twitter, Aidrus talked about the time when YouTube was banned in the past and content creators ecosystem had been held back for three years.

Taking away a platform which is source of earning for youth is not justified, YouTube is creating employment opportunities for thousands,” she tweeted.

Aidrus further tweeted that “brute force measures” like banning YouTube will not serve any purpose.

“Our primary focus should be on ensuring better curation of content through policy and dialogue. Brute force measures like banning will not serve any purpose and will hold us back from achieving the vision of #DigitalPakistan,” she added.


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