Weekly inflation decreases by 0.25 per cent: Report

Weekly inflation decreases by 0.25 per cent: Report

ISLAMABAD: There has been a 0.25% decrease in the weekly inflation rate, as measured by the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI). However, on an annual basis, inflation has surged to 26.27%.

According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics report, the category most affected by inflation is the one with a monthly income ranging from Rs 29,518 to Rs 44,175. For this group, the inflation rate remained at 29.27%.

The report highlights that during the past week, the prices of several essential items witnessed fluctuations. Tomatoes saw an increase of 4.29%, garlic rose by 4.21%, bread prices went up by 3.92%, onions increased by 3.60%, masoor surged by 3.19%, and salt prices rose by 2.77%. Furthermore, green gram daal moong increased by 1.66%, while daal maash went up by 1.25%.

In contrast, some items became more affordable during the week. Sugar prices decreased by 9.11%, chicken became 5.47% cheaper, eggs saw a 2.79% drop in price, tea leaves became 0.59% more affordable, and  daal chana became 0.57% cheaper. Additionally, vegetable ghee saw a 0.16% reduction in price.

In terms of year-on-year changes in prices, there are significant variations. For example, tomatoes recorded a substantial 24.55% decrease in price, providing relief to consumers. However, wheat flour prices experienced a staggering 114.37% increase, reflecting complex factors affecting the agriculture and food sectors.

Notably, electricity charges for the lowest income group (up to Rs 17,732 monthly income) surged by 26.53% on an annual basis, while for the income group of Rs 17,733 to Rs 22,888, inflation increased by 23.84%. For those earning between Rs 22,889 and Rs 29,517 monthly, inflation stood at 28.03%, and for those with a monthly income ranging from Rs 29,518 to Rs 44,175, the inflation rate remained at 29.27%. For the category earning above Rs 44,175, inflation was 27.19%.



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